Pressrelease 2022-12-22

Big step forward

For the past 9 years, Rail Test Nordic has worked to create a unique test track and development environment for the railway industry. Now they have received a positive decision from the Swedish Transport Administration – and will agree on the rights to the track between Jörn and Arvidsjaur for the next 30 years.

–This is very gratifying news and a big step forward. Our vision is to build a unique test facility for Europe’s rail industry, says Lars-Åke Tjernström, co-founder of Rail Test Nordic (RTN).

Things must happen to make future railway traffic more functioning. One of these is testing and for that Rail Test Nordic, together with partners, has worked hard since 2013 to create a unique test track and development environment for the rail industry.

Moving forward, the work will centre on using conversation and consultative processes to reach mutually beneficial solutions with the affected Sami villages and property owners. Additionally, formalise client agreements, schedule construction projects, and advance financial arrangements..

– We have good hopes of getting this done in 2023 as we see strong interest from potential investors. It will be an exciting and fun year for RTN, says Magnus Tjernström, co-founder of Rail Test Nordic.

Rail Test Nordic is deeply committed to sustainability and sees the railroad sector as a key enabler. They think that more people will utilise rail for all types of transportation in the future to travel sustainably.

About Rail Test Nordic

Northern Sweden’s Rail Test Nordic, which was founded in 2013, aims to be ranked as the best test track in Europe for rail-based traffic and components. There are disruptions in train traffic for many reasons. In the coming years, testing and certification of railway equipment will grow.

The crowded train network in Europe makes it challenging to conduct tests for many scenarios in appropriate settings. Northern Sweden is ideally situated for testing due to its geographic position. Here are the climatic factors, knowledge, and fundamental infrastructure to handle the issues. The specialised 75-kilometre track will be the only one of its sort in Europe when it is finished for high-speed testing in winter conditions.

Rail Test Nordic will make a fresh proposal for testing and verification to the railroad sector in 2023. Time and money will be saved, and it will guarantee that whatever ends up on the railway lines in the future operates as planned in a setting where disruptions to society and people are kept to a minimum.

The goal is to establish a premier testing site that is independent and strives to enable rail-bound vehicles to perform as efficiently as possible while improving infrastructure safety and accessibility.

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